Damir Imamović, vocal i tambur
Vasil Hadžimanov, keyboards


Damir Imamović and Vasil Hadžimanov for a few decades are the one of the most wanted artists of various festivals and music happenings in region and Europe. For the first time together, they will give an exclusive concert for the opening night of the World Music Festival Zeman.

It's rare to find two musicians in our area with such a vision and self-perseverance.  Damir's modern spirit, which he intertwined in the sevdalinka tradition, as well as Vasil's uncompromising jazz ethics, has long been at the very top of the regional scene.  And even beyond!

It is hardly possible to pass any more serious event of the ex-Yugoslav musical and cultural scene without these two personas, now in the middle of their careers. What testifies are Damir's spectacular tour in Europe, America, Mexico, China, as well as Vasil's international successes in New York, Tokyo, co-operation with many important names from the international scene, as well as great attention from the relevant domestic and world relevant media.


Besides all this, both of them are very dear and approachable people whose great attention invested in their work has never changed, or distanced them, from experimenting and constant proving.  In recent years, both of them have released their albums for prestigious international publishers (Damir for Glitterbeat Records, Vasil for Moonjune), but they did not hinder them from continually performing at home.

              August 15, 20:15

       City Park, Novi Pazar