Due to COVID-19 global pandemic the festival 2020 edition will be held online via social media and TV broadcast.

Festival opening is reserved for the concert of Syrian/French singer Lynn Adib with her jazz trio from Paris on October 29th.
October 30th brings the sounds of contemporary classical music with the works of composers who are originally from Sandžak region. The last day of festival, October 31st, is traditionally reserved for the Voice of Zeman, Balkan music singing competition. 
The idea of ​​the festival is to gather artists from different parts of the world who will present their art, in front of local audience at Novi Pazar. The Festival consists of concerts by World Music artists, diverse music workshops and lectures, as well as competition for singers/vocal performers of Balkan music.
The previous editions of the festival featured musicians from Turkey, Slovenia, Mexico, Poland, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, and at "Voice of Zeman" the competitors were performers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia.
Novi Pazar as a city with a rich history and culturally diverse population is the ideal ground for holding a festival of this type, and our goal is to place it in the center of European and world music events.