Urška Centa, flamenco dance
Mitja Obed, flamenco dance
Tomaž Pačnik, keyboards

Tadej Kampl, double bass
Nino Mureškić, percussion


Sentido (a sence for...) 


is a creative encounter of musicians and dancers who meet in the idea of developing a versatile and unseenartistic project, based on dance, poetry, and piano.

Sentido is a unique artistic project, inspired by the danceand music culture of south Spain, connecting it withother music styles. The guideline lies precisely in the blend of different music profiles and joins artists of different cultural backgrounds to give life to a new artistic perspective. The program is a walk through all the main ‘palos’ of flamenco, such as bulerías, tangos, seguiriyas, soleares and fandangos, abandoning the traditional forms and giving them a new image, touched by jazz and ethno music.

              August 16, 20:15

        City Park, Novi Pazar